Hit A Rock, Get To The Top Of Hyrule Castle, Easy

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18 months on and people are still finding crazy stuff to do in Breath of the Wild: here’s Zants smacking a rock a few times and ending up on top of Hyrule Castle.


To save you asking “how the hell did he do that”, here’s an explanation on how the hell he did that:

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This game has so much wasted potential it’s rather tragic. Boring world, few enemies and worse most are just recolors for difficult. Incredibly grindy crafting system for pointless returns, criminally underused mechanics (which this illustrates how simple yet powerful they are and how nothing cool was done with them in game), boring dungeons and temples.

Overrated gets thrown out a lot but this is one Zelda that time will not be gentle to once people wake up from their stupor. I think the minimalist and calming music dulled their senses too much.

If this were an Indie game, it’d get rightfully shredded on all its issues.