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Hilton Hotels — the PSP game. The Hilton Garden Inn developed an employee training tool called ULTIMATE TEAM PLAY (their caps, not ours.) Here's a description of the game:

ULTIMATE TEAM PLAY puts the player in control of key Hilton Garden Inn hotel roles including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and food service. As players roam the virtual hotel they interact with guests as they would in the real world seeking to perform their jobs in specific ways to improve customer service scores using a unique scoring system that drives all brand service assessment for hotels that are part of Hilton Hotels Corporation.


That's not just a good description, you could say its the ULTIMATE description. Companies using video games as a teaching tool goes back to the 8-bit era. Way better than just watching some instructional video.

(305) Hilton ULTIMATE TEAM PLAY for the PSP [GDC09 via Siliconera]


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