Highlights Of Two Uncharted 4 Levels, One Traditional And One Full Of New Tricks

Above, a video we capped of Uncharted 4's ninth level, which plays similarly to many Uncharted levels of old.

Below, a video we capped of Uncharted 4's 10th chapter, which shows the game opening up, allowing more variety in exploration and combat. Note how open the level is. It includes a number of optional side areas, one of which we descend into in order to retrieve treasure. Also, keep an eye out for how flexible the combat sections are, as the level layout provides many opportunities for stealth, cover shooting, melee and rope-swinging attacks. You simply have more options to take out your enemies in this game.

Both videos are excerpts from medium-difficulty playthroughs of the new PS4 game. That ninth chapter lasts closer to 45 minutes and even only half-exploring chapter 10 will run you well over an hour. We’ve left out several cutscenes and a lot of action so that the levels will still feel fresh if or when you play them.


In these levels, you’ll see Uncharted 4 at its most familiar and at its most refreshing. For more on the game, read our review. Enjoy!

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