Highlight Reel: The Safest Mario Kart Racer

Today in gaming highlights: We see how to safely navigate a Mario Kart 8 course. Very safely. Also, a Counter-Strike dance party!


Mario Kart 8

Elusivebyte shows us how to handle a Mario Kart 8 course like a driving instructor. As he puts it:

Always drive carefully. Don't speed. Avoid obstacles on the road, especially metallic ones. Always look before you leap. Watch out for animal crossings.

Counter Strike: GO

If you aren't familiar with Counter-Strike: GO, you need to know two things. It has voice chat, and every match starts with a warm-up period. During warm-up, you generally run around and mindlessly shoot enemies, shoot teammates, shoot chickens, shoot everything. FreshlyFallen took the warm-up as an opportunity to play House of Pain's Jump Around over voice chat, and the result? No murder. For a while.


The Spelunky daily challenge offers up one randomized level per day that every Spelunky player gets a single try at. Pibonacci got an incredible high score of $2,851,375, which he says is the highest score ever on a daily challenge. Either way, it's an incredible achievement!

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

And finally, Baconman finds the easiest way to dispose of three soldiers in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes:

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This is exactly how you play Mario Kart. Don't you dare be a dick and hit the frog who is MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS in HIS home. 10/10 would watch again to lower my car insurance.