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Highlight Reel: Any Landing You Can Walk (Or Swim) Away From

Today's gaming highlights: Casually landing a plane on a boat in a warzone, jumping over buildings like Superman, an incredible sniper shot, and more!


War Thunder

Reptile almost gets shot down, and has nowhere to go... until he spots a landing boat on its way to shore.


Thomas Hall is playing a round of Marked for Death, where each team has to kill a specific player on the enemy team. His titan gets destroyed, so he ejects, and then sees the mark. Instead of heading in his direction, he takes the shot from midair:


During one of YamaYamaDingDong's runs, he blew up a shopkeeper's store, which allows you to get everything inside for free. Unfortunately, one of the things inside was a Hired Hand, who didn't appreciate being rescued:

Watch live video from YamaYamaDingDong on Twitch

Team Fortress 2

There's a conga dance taunt in TF2, but unlike most taunts that leave you in one place, you actually move forward while doing the conga. So noahdoesvidya tried to capture the case and return it to the blu base while being shot at while just conga'ing across the map.

Battlefield 4

InsertSomeName is apparently part Superman:


Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts and records from around the gaming world. If you see or record an amazing feat, let us know at

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And, Spoons

You're right, Twitch, it really was necessary and reasonable for me to watch a 30-second commercial before watching a 26-second video clip.