High School Students Build A Back To The Future Monument

Illustration for article titled High School Students Build A Back To The Future Monument
Screenshot: Japanニュース/YouTube
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Students at Tanabe Technical High School in Wakayama, Japan have spent over four years making a DeLorean replica out of 2-millimeter-thick aluminum.


The monument is located in front of the school, and four times a day during the week, it slowly spins around as the Back to the Future theme song plays, with the okay given from Hollywood.

Work on the project began in 2016 on the 500 kg replica, Sankei reports, and over the years, around 500 students have worked on the project.

Gif: Japanニュース/YouTube

The school pointed out that the project was a good, tangible way for students to show their parents what they’ve been doing and to be proud of their work.

Via Mulboyne on Twitter, check out the monument in action below:

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The DeLorean is awesome, but why did they add that tacky light strip on the ground?  It doesn’t add anything to it.