High On Fire: Devilution

Welcome to Soundtrack, where we take a break from news and not-news to relax with some tunes and...you know what, fuck it. We're not relaxing tonight. Not one bit.


We're gonna listen to some High on Fire instead.

I am not a religious man. Were I a religious man, though, I would worship the Dark Lord known as "Matt Pike", who was not only part of the almighty Sleep, but is the frontman of the almightier High On Fire, one of the most consistently punishing bands on Earth.

This track, Devilution, is taken from 2005 album Blessed Black Wings. It's sheer Motörheadedness makes it probably my favourite High On Fire song, but for more good times check out 2010's Snakes for the Divine and 2000's The Art of Self Defense.

High on Fire's Home Page [High on Fire]



High on Fire's good stuff. Saw em live once. They play LOUD and proud.

Anyone who likes High on Fire might like Clutch, one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME.