High Level Starcraft II Play Starts Here

StarCraft II might be off the radar nowadays, but that doesn't mean the pros stopped getting better and better at the game. One highlight was a recent match between two Koreans, Parting and Byul, where the Protoss veteran basically destroyed the Zerg with perfect control of only a few units.

Here's the full match below. After both players set up their bases in the first few minutes, things get intense with Parting's crazy Warp Prism and Immortal micro. It's totally one of those chilling moments, seeing someone warping the two immortals back and forth so easily during the entire game, giving the Zerg units no chance to attack.

Code S Ro32 Group F Match 1 Set 2 2014 GSL Season 2 [GomTV, YouTube]

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Parting with those Immortals is just too cool.