More teasing from the master of tease Hideo Kojima. The Metal Gear Solid creator and his staff (including a popular female assistant!) read through the Peace Walker script.

The clips are short and taken out of context, and it's hard to figure out what the heck is going on plot-wise. What's more, any parts that could be revealing are bleeped ā€” something that probably makes those most looking forward to the game. The clips are spoiler free!


The most interesting part isn't so much the script reading, but Kojima's description on the game design process. Since he makes video games, Kojima starts with the actual game design and characters. There's a rough script, or outline, drawn up. In it, things like what will happen on certain levels, events, etc, are included.

"This is the big difference between game scripts and movie scripts," Kojima says.

The story is fleshed out and the dialogue is added. Kojima and his team read through the script to check if what looks good on the page sounds different to the ear. Of course with all the leaks happening in the movie business, this is an area of obvious potential concern.

The clips Kojima uploads in his latest podcast are of one of those staff readings. These aren't trained voice actors, but Kojima Productions employees. Some of them are really bad, but a couple of them are actually quite good. Kojima gets in on the fun as well, reading through the script with his team.


Snake's voice actor is of course already cast ā€” but Kojima sounds like he's kicking around ideas for other potential voice actors. "It's Metal, you probably have a good idea who's going to be in it." Still, Kojima seems open to ideas. Any suggestions?

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