Hideo Kojima Met With Heavy Rain Developer

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Cut scenes. Some love them, others loathe them. In games like Metal Gear Solid, players sit and watch as cut scenes push the story forward.


In the upcoming thriller Heavy Rain, gameplay pushes the story forward.

Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima meet with David Cage of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Cage calls the discussion with Kojima "very interesting".


"But yeah I believe that the only real challenge is to treat the storytelling differently, not through cut scenes but directly through gameplay," says Cage. "As you play you tell the story. And that's the most difficult thing to do, but also the most interesting thing."

Cage won't go into details about what was discussed, but was "pleased" to hear that Kojima had heard of Quantic Dream and Heavy Rain. He must be a pretty big fan of Kojima's work, no? "I certainly respect his work, definitely, although it's not the type of game I want to make myself," says Cage. "But yeah he's a huge star, I guess." Yeah, we guess!

Heavy Rain: David Cage Interview [Kikizo]

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That headline reads like the beginning of this fanboy's wet dream. Just add "...and then they all have ice cream with Fumito Ueda" and I may very well have a nerdgasm.