Hideo Kojima Appears On National Korean English Test

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Hideo Kojima doesn't just make video games like Metal Gear Solid 4. Oh, no. Hideo Kojima also appears in an English test! Above is a national English aptitude test for Korean high school students, which mentions the famed game creator. The text selected is dated and is from circa 2002. Anyway! From the test:

The events of 38-year-old Hideo Kojima's life prepared him to design the amazing video game Metal Gear Solid 2. As a child growing up in Kobe, Japan he played outdoor games like thief-and-detective, peeking around corners in much the same way as Solid Snake, the hero of MGS2, does today. In middle school he wrote five 600-page science-fiction novels. When one of his friends brought a camera to school, Kojima took up filmmaking, using his camera. Then he charged neighborhood kids 50 yen each to see his own movies. By the time he reached college, he had worked for Nintendo to develop video games using film techniques and became famous as a video game designer.

Wait, wait. So little Kojima stole some other kid's camera to make movies and then charged other children 50 yen to see his movies? That explains a lot!

Hit the jump for the Korean text.

Illustration for article titled Hideo Kojima Appears On National Korean English Test

MGS2 Test [Ruliweb Thanks, Torokun!]

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Tim Rogers

@icegoat: Are you serious?

After hearing about 90-minute cut scenes, I literally timed every one of them. There was one (1) 88-minute cut scene, and one (1) 82-minute cut scene.* (One of those two was the ending.)

Not making this up!

Maybe you didn't notice their length because of their awesomeity (for some reason Firefox spell check tells me this isn't a word).

(*I timed the length of a "cut scene" from the instant I put down the controller to the instant I was playing the game again. In other words, multiple sequences in a row count as a single "cut scene" if there's no gameplay between them.)