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Hey! You've Got Ninja Gaiden in My Warriors Orochi

Illustration for article titled Hey! Youve Got emNinja Gaiden/em in My emWarriors Orochi/em
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Warriors Orochi 2, a game that brings together characters from the Dynasty Warriors series and the Samurai Warriors series to fight against hundreds of enemy soldiers in epic battlegrounds is being ported to the PSP as Warriors Orochi 2 Special. The new game, like Dynasty Warriors VS for the 3DS, will feature guest characters as bonus playable characters. This time it's Rachel from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Images also show Ryu Hayabusa as a bonus character. The character, Ayane, was a bonus character in the PS3 version of Warriors Orochi 2, but it is unclear if she will return for Warriors Orochi 2 Special.


Another added feature will be a reset function to restore character stats to their original starting level. Also, by copying a save data of the PS3 version of the game to a memory stick and starting a game on the PSP version, all characters will automatically be unlocked.

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Yea it's Warriors Orochi 3 over here in the West... Warriors Orochi 2 in Japan was treated like an expansion pack it seems (at least for naming convention).


Edit: Though granted, for the time being who knows if this is going to come out in the West.