Hey! You Can Grab Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Playable Demo Today

If you're wanting to see just how different Final Fantasy XIII-2 is from its predecessor, you finally be able to check out a demo today. The playable snippets of Square Enix's epic fantasy sequel go live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today. If you're not in front of a console right now, the video above shows you what to expect.



I heard an interesting discussion the other day about how JRPGs were better when there was no voice acting because the dialogue is better delivered in your head.

I can partially agree with this. It was with voice acting that RPGs recieved their J and all of a sudden everything seemed foreign and out of touch. Maybe some of these games (not FF13) would be much better if they localized the characters with western personalities rather than the ones we can't connect to.

It's like anime cartoons sometimes, where things seem light hearted when they are supposed to.