Hey Thor, Less Talking More Face-Punching, OK?

The mighty Norse God Thor will be appearing in upcoming fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3. You'd think he was there to swing his giant hammer around, but no, it appears he's just there to chat.

Check out his taunts in the clip above. I've seen entire fights come to an end faster than his mighty monologue, which would be ridiculous were it not also so amazing.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is out next month on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Note that's when it's out, not when you'll be playing it; Thor will probably be berating you until March or April.


I don't remember him being particularly wordy in the comics or cartoons...maybe this is a nod to the fact thespian Kenneth Branagh was allowed to make the Thor movie due out later this year?

[thanks Roland!]

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Speaking of MvC3...whoever Capcom hires to keep their secrets needs to be fired. This game has been Leak Central since day 1.