Hey, They Got Splinter Cell In My Justified!

You guys watch Justfied, right? You should. It's an awesome show.

I was catching up on last week's episode when I heard a familiar voice—a gun thug from Detroit showed up to menace the series' hero, Raylan Givens. The minute he opened his mouth, I thought, "Hey! I know that voice. That's Sam Fisher!"


In truth, it's Michael Ironside, the actor who voices the protagonist of the Splinter Cell franchise. Ironside is a bit of a Hey! It's That Guy, turning up in all manner of film and TV show over the years.

But I'll always know him as the man who gives Splinter Cell stealth-master Sam Fisher his menacing, purring voice. So I was happy to see him on one of my favorite shows, lending a wry layer of humor to what could have been another boring, thuggish part.


Then came the sequence above, in which Ironside's character makes a small but funny Splinter Cell reference. Raylan gets the drop on him, and as he surrenders he remarks, "There was a day when I woulda said nobody could stealth me."

Ha! It's almost too small to count as a real reference, but who in the world uses "stealth" as a verb? Looks like someone on the Justfied writing staff is a Splinter Cell fan.

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[i]"You guys watch Justfied, right? You should. It's an awesome show."[/i]

This. A thousand times this. Easily one of the best shows on tv. Everyone knows Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, etc., but anytime I bring up Justified (which is easily on par if not better than most of those), I get weird blank stares saying, "What's that show?" Really? REALLY?