Hey Space Game Fans, Check This Out

Indie developer Stéphanie Rancourt emailed me the other day with a proposal. She wanted to see if I was interested in the space game she was working on. Little did she know it was about as much my thing as a video game can get.


The game, Deep Space Settlement, is something she's been working on for four years. She describes it as "an ambitious real time strategy space game with an emphasis on exploration and empire building featuring tons of customization features as well as being highly moddable".

Many of those words, in that order, are just the things to get my attention, but keeping them are the visuals (done by Mathias Koehler), which for such a small project look pretty damn amazing. I'm accustomed to these kind of space games featuring rough polygonal shapes, or Minecraft-inspired cubes, but this looks like Homeworld on steroids, and best part is the way the modular ships just click together like the LEGO set of my dreams.

You can see a bit of the game in action below:

This is normally where I'd point you towards a Kickstarter, but no in this case you can instead preorder the game directly from its site, and vote for it on Greenlight too.