Hey, remember this puzzle from last Friday? If you’re still stumped and want to know the answer, click through and I’ll tell you.

So the first (and probably easiest for Kotaku readers) logical deduction you’ll have to make is that this is a list of different characters from the Mega Man games. Most people made it this far. But what to do with that?


Well, looking more closely, you might notice that while the list is mostly the robot masters, that is not entirely the case. You also might notice one listed twice, or the fact that Mega Man himself is referenced three different times. You also may notice that not all the robots are referenced, or that the six different lines correspond to the six Mega Man games on the NES.

What is it that connects not only the robot masters, but also Dr. Cossack as well as Mega Man himself? The final leap of logic that you would need to make is that these Mega Man games all have character select screens that show a grid of different characters, including these ones. Run your finger along the grids, following the linear sequences of characters, and you’ll write six letters that spell out the answer: CORGIS!

Many readers got it right, and pretty quickly, too. Hope you enjoyed it!

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