Hey Look, Now, There Is A Dragon

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The countdown page for some game Square Enix is trying to hype. The large "4" and the countdown clock are old, but the dragon drawing is new.


Even if we don't like countdown clocks, we do like dragon drawings. Also, the SaGa (AKA Final Fantasy Legend) style music *might* be new as well, since we don't remember hearing it last time.


Hrm, think this is counting down to a new SaGa title? "Strago" is in the source code if that means anything....

NEW GAME [Square Enix Thanks, Fenian!]

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I can't recognize the jingle, but i can see that the dragon was drawn by the same artist that worked on FF Tactics and Vagrant Story character art. Seriously, it's so easy to tell from the line work. It really seems that they're going to try to go oldschool with this one.