Hey, Kotaku! I'm Ben Bertoli And I'll Be Your Enthusiastic Guest Editor

Happy Labor Day, people who have Labor Day off! My name is Ben Bertoli and boy do I have a Monday full of fun for you. Depending on your definition of fun, of course.

Some (most?) of you may know me better as long-time commenter and Talk Amongst Yourselves commander GiantBoyDetective. My childhood dream was to write for Nintendo Power, but that... is going to be hard to accomplish. Kotaku was kind enough to let me run the show this Labor Day and I’m very excited to be here. Plus I get to take some time away from teaching my dog to play Smash Brothers. He’s pretty much garbage. Probably has to do with his lack of thumbs and inability to wavedash. Filthy casual.


If you’re a fan of cartoons, video games and cartoons about video games, then you are in for a treat. Also cereal. I’m not planning on posting about it, but I’ll be eating it all day like I normally do. And if you’re into hearing about those kind of things all the time then you should definitely give me a follow on Twitter.

Are you ready, Kotaku? Let’s do this.

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