Hey, Kotaku Game Club Let's Discuss the End of of Uncharted 3. Now.

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This is it, folks! Here at Kotaku Game Club, we're talking about the final chapters of Uncharted 3. Right now, in the comments section below.


If you're a newcomer to Game Club, all you need to know is that our group meets on a weekly basis to analyze and discuss games piece by piece, as we play them. A lot of you are ahead and have been waiting to talk up the ending. So now that we can talk about it, what did you think of the game as a whole?

Before diving in, I gotta give you fair warning: We will be talking about the entire campaign today, including the ending, so if you haven't finished Uncharted 3, then I'd hold off unless you want to know what happens.

In case you didn't come with a topic in mind, here's a little question for you:

Having finished the game—and possibly two or three Uncharted games now—is there a single aspect of the Uncharted formula that you feel needs to change if and when the series moves forward?

The Uncharted series, like many of gaming's most popular series', is defined by a well-defined narrative and gameplay formula. Uncharted 3, for better and for worse, is the product of years and years of tweaking and honing a single concept. Now that there have been three Uncharted games, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on whether or not this formula has reached it's limits and, if it has, discuss how the developer can blaze a new trail without losing sight of the game's original identity.

Next week's meeting of the Kotaku Game Club will focus on the multiplayer of Uncharted 3. It'll be our last meeting about Uncharted 3, so make sure to come with ideas for what we should play next! Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving and many of us will be with family we will be meeting a day early. So make sure to mark on your calendars that we're meeting next Wednesday, November 23rd, at 4pm Eastern.


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