There’s a good reason why Frieza doesn’t usually have nipples. Make that, two reasons.

Previously, Golden Frieza made his debut in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F. The character’s golden version does not have nipples.


[Photo: you_ki61]

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[Photo: coolbeauty123yk]

Frieza is nipple-free.

At a recent event to mark Dragon Ball Super’s debut, Tanashin, the bassist from rock band Good Morning America, appeared on stage as Frieza. Tanashin, it seems, does have nipples.

Cinema Today was on hand to document this for the world.

[Photo: Cinema Today]

Are you not impressed?

[Photo: Cinema Today]


[Photo: Cinema Today]

Be sure to watch Dragon Ball Super on TV!

[Photo: Cinema Today]

And my nipples here today!

Top photo: Cinema Today

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