Hey Capcom, This Five Year-Old Kid Has Some Ideas for New Mega Man Games

Capcom is out of ideas (or at least the willpower) for new Mega Man games. Little Mark here, though, Mark is a fountain of ideas. Not only does he know everything about the Blue Bomber and his games, he knows exactly what he wants from a new Mega Man game.


Bonus: I know it's long, but stick around for the end, around 7:20, when Mark is told, ala Santa Claus style, that Capcom may never make another Mega Man game ever again.


Frosted Mini-Wheats

What, "truth from the mouth of a child"? Please. This video shows me that the standard argument made by fans of the mega man franchise (make the games I like because I like them) are no more sophisticated than the ideas of a five year old.

Guys, there are some very real obstacles between Mega Man and success. Let's be constructive! Let's identify problems and try and troubleshoot.

1. The old school Mega Man formula won't work as a retail title any more, retail titles now have far more content.

2. The classic Mega Man friendly big eyed anime look best appeals to children. The colorful graphics and simple objectives are also well suited to children. Classic Mega Man difficulty is not ideal for most children. Do you change the simplicity of the universe to make it appeal to older people, or do you scale down the difficulty for younger people?

3. Do you make a new Mega Man series entirely? Something like X or Zero? MM Zero was handheld, and handhelds also suit 2D gaming pretty well... do you go portable? Do you go with an RPG like Star Force?

4. Is there any reason to break the bank on graphics technology? In a universe with evils like "Cut Man" and "Guts Man", do HD graphics need to be a priority? Do you use sprites or polygons?

5. Who is your target market? Do you just try and appeal to old fans? Yeah, that's what old fans would like, but does that make the most sense financially? What other audiences could you shoot for? How could you appeal to them?

6. Fans will be unhappy no matter what. Do you accept this and just try and make the game you want to make, or do you try and compromise with how Mega Man used to be to try and satiate the angry hordes.

7. Do you want to tell a story? Mega Man has always had terrible stories. A good narrative can help appeal to a broader audience... but is that even anything that you want to try and mess with? You don't need a good story after all, Nintendo has proved that.