Hexyz Force Is Two Role-Playing Games In One Unpronounceable Package

Atlus has released the full trailer for Hexyz Force, the upcoming PlayStation Portable role-playing game with two complete adventures packed right in.


It looks gorgeous, boasts more than 50 hours of gameplay, 20 minutes of anime cutscenes, and two complete stories for each of the game's main characters. Developed by Riviera and Knights in the Nightmare developer Sting Entertainment, Hexyz Force sounds like the perfect game for PSP-owning RPG fans.

I just wish Atlus could do something about the name. Like Yggdra Union, Hexyz Force just doesn't seem like the sort of name that'll catch the purchaser's eye at a retail outlet.


Am I wrong? Are you folks drawn to strange, unpronounceable video game names, or are they something you'd pass right over?

Oh, and for the record, it's pronounced "Hex-ease."

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Is the whole game just in dungeons? The animations look nice though. Still baffled how there aren't more console style jrpg's on psp. Can't be that hard to port over a few ps2 ones (that aren't 2d)