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He's Looking for a Good Offline RPG for PC. Skyrim Doesn't Count

Illustration for article titled Hes Looking for a Good Offline RPG for PC. emSkyrim/em Doesnt Count

He's played Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur. Now commenter Lucas is hungry for more role-playing games for the PC that don't involve him dealing with other people. Help him!


Yos! Can anyone list any good offline RPGs for PC? Besides Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amular (My brother has one I have the other). All the games I'm interested in are online games, which isn't bad I just don't want to play online. Final Fantasy XIV, TERA, Phantasy Star Online 2 — I want to play these games, just offline. There's nothing wrong with Online titles but eventually I have to party up with some people, beg for some help, try and sell myself and why I'd be good for a party... I don't wanna. Looking for something where I can see a change an armor too (if possible), as I get new gear. Love visually seeing the character get stronger as the game draws to an end.

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Leighton Sawatzky

You guys are making me feel old. Anyway, my $0.02:

Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. Especially if you grab the Baldur's Gate Tutu mod, that imports the BG1 game into the BG2 engine (incremental, but convenient improvements), and combines the two games into a seamless experience. Don't miss the Throne of Baal expansion pack!

I've only dabbled in Planescape: Tormet, but from all indicators it's something that should also be on your list. While you're at it, Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 are very, very solid. NWN2's expansion "Mask of the Betrayer" is not to be missed, if you're into the endgame badass thing. From orphan dirt farmer to a force to reckon with the gods.

Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. KOTOR 1 should be fine out of the box, but a rushed development cycle left KOTOR 2 kinda gimped. Grab the Sith Lords Restored Content mod for a smoother, more comprehensive experience.

Jade Empire. (I swear I'm not a Bioware fanboi! I just like lots of their games!) Fun, mystical, very pretty kung-fu RPG, with SHMUP interludes, in a mad scientist's airship! (Fun aside: with the right build, you can stunlock the end boss from 30 feet away...) I know this one's not a PC title, but the original Xbox isn't too taxing to emulate on a decent rig anymore.

Mass Effect 1-3. Never mind the ending behind the curtain! A really great space opera RPG (with an increasingly decent third person shooter for the fighty bits.) A chance to go on a sprawling, epic adventure to save every sentient being in the galaxy, with a handful of characters that are, in large part, interesting, dynamic, and kinda badass. Don't let bad press about the last 10 minutes of the series deter you from 100+ hours of great gaming.

Temple of Elemental Evil. The closest thing to a tabletop DnD experience this side of a computer screen. (As a 10 year tabletop vet, I hope I'm at least somewhat qualified to judge this.) Loads and loads of character build and loadout customization. It's buggy as all get out, though, so make sure to pick up the Circle of Eight mod for it. Fixes, balances, and adds content.

Fallout 1 and 2. Classic, macabre, funny, and fun. Fallout 1 is the only game I've ever played where I beat the last boss by accident. Without ever having encountered him.

The Witcher. I haven't finished this one yet, (*shameface*) but what I played of it was great. A very mature game (in tone and content), for a grown-up audience.

If we're considering DX:HR, we really shouldn't leave out the original Deus Ex, or System Shock 2. Both have hi-res texture packs available, if you're not interested in experiencing them in their original formats. Though none of these give you the "poor-farmer-turned-world-destroying-figure-of-awesome" visual progression of the third person or isometric titles.

Pick one, any one, of these titles, and go have yourself a wonderful time.

And to any of you who have bothered to get to the end of this post, thank you for indulging my childhood (and adolescent and early adulthood) fantasy of being a games writer. I should go.