He's Looking for a Good Offline RPG for PC. Skyrim Doesn't Count

He's played Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur. Now commenter Lucas is hungry for more role-playing games for the PC that don't involve him dealing with other people. Help him!

Yos! Can anyone list any good offline RPGs for PC? Besides Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amular (My brother has one I have the other). All the games I'm interested in are online games, which isn't bad I just don't want to play online. Final Fantasy XIV, TERA, Phantasy Star Online 2 — I want to play these games, just offline. There's nothing wrong with Online titles but eventually I have to party up with some people, beg for some help, try and sell myself and why I'd be good for a party... I don't wanna. Looking for something where I can see a change an armor too (if possible), as I get new gear. Love visually seeing the character get stronger as the game draws to an end.


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