Heroes Star Stares Down The Locust Horde In Gears 3

Illustration for article titled Heroes Star Stares Down The Locust Horde In Gears 3

Greg Grunberg, formerly Matt Parkman from the TV show Heroes, screams defiantly in the face of a Locust warrior while doing some voice recording for Gears of War 3, as seen on his Twitter feed.

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Sad it got cancelled, I felt they were finally going somewhere with Brave New World. Past season felt like a long time with no substance and contrary to popular opinion, I actually enjoyed seasons 2 and 3 (Shocking I know). Sure they weren't as great season 1 (Heck 90% of TV shows don't even get anywhere near that level of storytelling) but it was still fun and I enjoyed watching the characters facing new foes and problems. I mean, c'mon, Elle was friggin' awesome, not to mention Daphne. Certainly better than some Season 1 characters like Matt Parkman. And yeah, I friggin loved Adam too, he was a pretty amazing villian for the type of superpower he had.

But I digress, hopefully they'll get maybe a small mini-series or TV movie that will wrap up all the loose ends.