Heroes Of The Storm Team Facepalms In Unison

Sometimes you feel like you’re so friggin’ close to securing a kill in a game like Heroes of the Storm that you start to act a little...reckless. Other times, you’re not actually that close to the kill at all; you just think you are. These are also known as the most embarrassing MOBA moments imaginable.

YouTuber XK DVD (via Reddit) captured this glorious three-player faceplant his opponents experienced in a recent game when they all decided to chase after the opposing Valla. She seemed like she was low on health. But she was also smart and cautious enough to run under the protective barrier of her ally Sgt. Hammer’s siege tank blasting radius.

No matter! The three red team players must have thought to themselves. She’s almost dead anyways. They kept going...


...and going...

aaaand...(oh god this is painful to watch)...going:


They just kept walking into the circle around Sgt. Hammer. Why are you doing this? I want to say. The dotted blue line is there for a reason! Do you WANT to be killed?!?!

Luring players into traps like this—by making them think they’re pursuing an easy kill by chasing an opponent who’s healthbar is perilously low—is a pretty great example of baiting. That, or a great example of three Heroes of the Storm players being a tad clumsy. It was 420 yesterday, after all.


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