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Heroes Of The Storm Sneaks in A Duck Hunt Easter Egg

Illustration for article titled iHeroes Of The Storm /iSneaks in A iDuck Hunt/i Easter Egg

Add this to the list of things that make me want a Nintendo-themed MOBA more than anything else in my life right now.


Heroes of the Storm got a big update this week that changed a bunch of characters and added the Monk from Diablo III into the Blizzard-ified MOBA action. As it always does, the new character brought with him a new menu screen meant to advertise the guy. This one contained a Nintendo themed easter egg.

First caught by the influential HOTS-focused site HeroesNexus, the easter egg lets you play Duck Hunt in the loading screen. See for yourself:

In order to activate the Duck Hunt game, you just have to start “clicking on the big trees beside the Monk,” though “spamming mouse clicks will not help you, since you have limited shots.”


From the HeroesNexus description:

After clicking on the trees, a duck will come out and you will have a few bullets to hit it. Spamming mouse clicks won’t work. Hitting it with one of the first few shots grants more points. If you miss all shots, the duck will “fly away”. Rounds become more difficult as you progress, with Ducks moving ultra fast!

Man, even the menu-screen mini games have skill shots in them. Oh Blizzard, always with the jokes!

...but seriously a Nintendo MOBA would be amazing.

Photoshop work/concept art for a Duck Hunt Dog HOTS character courtesy of Tina Amini.


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That would be terrific. Imagine playing a Zelda themed level with creep waves consisting of Octoroks. Super cool idea.