Murky is the last character in Heroes of the Storm I'd expect to kick ass in a team battle. Apparently, one player has uncovered the secret to the seriously underpowered Murloc's hidden powers:

Woah. Ok. Let's all take a deep breath. What the hell just happened?


Murky—the Murky who I've never seen make it out of a 1-vs.-1 fight he didn't bubble away from with that annoying shield move—was the last man standing after two whole Heroes teams squared off at the site of an objective they were both going for. Technically he did actually die at one point. But one of Murky's special abilities lets him lay eggs around the map, out of which he can respawn and jump back into battle in a pinch.

His annoying egg sac power is one of the main things that makes Murky an inviting choice for Heroes players. But he's also such a weak fighter that it doesn't do much more than make his next death come sooner. Every time I've faced off against the guy, I've basically felt like I was trying to swat away a large fly.

Not the case with this Murky. After finishing off the last opponent, he went straight for the enemy base and decimated their core.

I know that he had plenty of minions coming up behind him to help out on the base-destroying part. Plus, Blizzard did just give the hero a bunch of much-needed buffs in its big patch yesterday. But I'm still not sure I believe this actually happened.


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