Hero Player Dunks On Mario Maker Troll, Saves All The Yoshi

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Killing Yoshi to save your own skin is a time-honored tradition in Mario. Noble players who decide against ruthlessness do exist, though.


Those of you who play Mario Maker know about a popular type of level that has the player sacrificing Yoshi to make particularly tricky jumps. Then, in a shitty twist, the levels typically like to make you feel bad for “murdering” Yoshi even though someone else designed the level to be played that way in the first way. It was novel the first time I came across a level like that, but now it’s just cliche and annoying.

JayHez apparently had enough of that type of bullshit last month, and instead decided to see if he could beat one of these horrible Yoshi levels without killing any Yoshi—all in a sort of “fuck you” directed toward the creator of the level, Ross O’ Donovan of Game Grumps. The result is this hilarity, which you simply must watch:

Choosing the paragon option can be delicious indeed. Kudos to JayHez for figuring this out, too—very clever! If you’d like to play it yourself, here you go: 0D6C-0000-0049-8B08.


Update 5:20pm: this post did not originally name Ross O’ Donovan in the text, since the video itself mentioned him numerous times. Obviously, though, more credit doesn’t hurt so I tweaked the article. Ross O’ Donovan also sent us the course ID—which was not originally cited in the video—and we have included in the post as well.

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