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Here's Your Kotaku (Video) Podcast (Maybe)

Illustration for article titled Heres Your Kotaku (Video) Podcast (Maybe)

Here for your viewing is another little video experiment we're tinkering with. I know people have been wanting us to do a podcast for quite sometime. And I want to do a podcast, but frankly I hate how bloated they've become. Also, I really wanted to do something with video. Oh and I like shooting people and arguing. So we came up with this.

Consider what you see here a test run, a beta of sorts. We're thinking of adding more people and perhaps topics to a single run. Let me know what you think. As always, your suggestions are invaluable. But for the record, I'm not THAT flexible.


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I liked it. Even if the topic is boring, the video associates it with something I enjoy, so I can still take in the info.