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Panic adverted! Yesterday, we brought word that there are currently fewer third party PSP titles — leading some to say devs are "abandoning" the platform. Not entirely so! As Sony's John Koller explains, the reason is that there's a decline is PSP games is that “Decisions made 20-22 months ago from a development cycle perspective are affecting the quantity of titles available today." Oh, so third party companies were abandoning the PSP, but now they're not. Whew. Optimistic, Koller adds:

I think going into next year we’re going to see significant growth. We’re counseling retail to be ready for it. We have a number of very strong franchise games on the docket that will be launching next year. We haven’t gone public with those, and many third-parties have not yet either because they’re concentrating on holiday, but we have a number of very strong titles coming.


There's even been a demographic change for the PSP: Sony research says that over the next 12 months, young mothers will have the "highest propensity" to buy the handheld for their young children. Not exactly the urban hipsters it was originally targeted at. Sony: PSP Support Will Improve [EDGE]

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