The KORG DS-10, which is basically a synthesiser for your DS, is about the most exciting piece of software for the handheld we've seen in months. Make of that what you will. Problem is, because it's going to be a niche product - and one with a $40 price tag - some retailers are refusing to stock it. Like Target. Target won't be stocking it. GameStop won't be either. And, crucially, Best Buy are still on the fence. So here's a list of places you can get the game from, when it's released on November 4. * Hollywood/GameCrazy * Fry's * Micro Center * EB Canada * J&R Note that's EB Canada and EB Canada only. Like we said, GameStop in the US won't be stocking it. Of course, all of this is meaningless if you were planning on buying the game on these internets, since you shouldn't have any problems tracking down an online retailer, but some people still enjoy the feeling of leaving the house in exchange for new goods, so there you go. Current List of Retailers Set to Carry KORG DS-10 [1UP]