Here's What We're Looking Forward to at This Year's Tokyo Game Show

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After the tragic events of earlier this year, for a while the 2011 Tokyo Game Show didn't seem like it was going to happen. This hasn't been a good year for Japan. If you're a gamer, though, this year's TGS is a bright spot.


Here's what we're looking forward to this week at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show.

Sony's Press Conference
Nintendo held its 3DS Conference earlier today. How will Sony respond at its pre-TGS press conference? Nintendo's snagging Monster Hunter for the 3DS was a huge coup on its part. Sony's going to need something big or bigger to shock and awe. Your move, Sony.

3DS Circle Pad
This is one of the ugliest peripherals we've seen in recent memory. But looks aren't everything, and this add-on could certainly add to the 3DS gaming experience via the extra slide pad. Bring it.

So Many PS Vita Games
At the Sony booth, there will be somewhere around 80 PlayStation Vita kiosks, pumping out approximately forty new games, eighteen of which are getting their very first public showing. For a new piece of hardware, that amount of software is deeply impressive. Are the games any good, though? Or is this just strength in numbers?

Japanese-Only Games
Hey! Creepy cute shooter Gal*Gun, the Persona fighting game or maybe something cool we don't even know about yet will be there. Something like Ouendan. It'll be interesting checking out the stuff Japan thinks it's going to be keeping for itself but which may be too good to keep out of everyone's hands.


Other gaming events have cosplay, and it's sometimes pretty good. But the Tokyo Game Show always has brought out the very best in the artform. Saturday—the first public day of the show, when the cosplayers turn up in force—should be a blast for fans of people who dress up as people who don't actually exist.

Old, Western Friends
The Tokyo Game Show isn't all about Japanese games. There are Western games too, many of them with new content that we've never seen before. Of particular interest will be EA's presence, which will include an all-new single-player demo of Battlefield 3 that we'll be checking out on Thursday.


Toy Show
Tokyo Game Show? More like Tokyo Swag Show. There is normally tons of video gaming merchandise on hand over the four days, from action figures to plush toys to clothing to model kits to, well, you get the idea. Lots of cool stuff that some people end up paying way too much for on the internet a few weeks after the show's finished.

Crowd Surfing
There's something special about being at a big gaming show amidst crowds numbering in the tens of thousands. It's a smell, yes, but also a feeling of being among people who are happy about video games. Too often on the internet discussions about video games end up collapsing into piles of jaded, miserable insult-throwing, so it's refreshing to get out and see the smiles on peoples faces as they queue in crippling humidity just to play a demo for ten minutes.


This year's Tokyo Game Show officially begins on Thursday. Sony will hold its pre-TGS press conference on Wednesday.

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I always find the differences in what Japan plays the crap out of and what America plays the crap out of to be very interesting.

To me, the sales charts for games in Japan is indicative of a health and diverse market base that enjoys a multitude of different styles of games. Sure they have their own sets of gravy trains but for the most part the numbers usually show that a larger audience at least appreciates a diverse spectrum of genres.

While, on the other hand, in the US when we don't have some new over hyped game of the month coming out it's usually dominated by either which ever of the 4, or so, core shooter franchises most recent sequels is out at the time or this year's spots roster update with most other styles of games trailing miserably in the dust.

I really hope that Xenoblade Chronicles isn't a taste of things to come, with less and less Japanese titles making their way to the US because our super massive mainstream only cares about the same 3 games every year and see those games as being so lame or what ever that people should feel ashamed to enjoy them.