Here's What Is (and Isn't) Included In Free-to-Play Star Wars: The Old Republic

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We've known since July that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be going free to play this fall. Now, developer BioWare has published a detailed list showing just what the free tier of the game includes.


Players who keep paying a monthly subscription fee of course have access to all features and content. Free players, as is becoming standard practice in MMORPGs, have limited access to certain features that can be upgraded through microtransactions as players choose.

All players, paid and free, have full access to all story content, levels 1-50, today's update clarified. Free players, however, not only have limited character creation choices and inventory slots, but also have limited access to Operations, Warzones, Flashpoints, and Space Missions. Warzones, Flashpoints, and Space Missions are limited to three per week for free players, or players can purchase a weekly pass that gives unlimited access to the content in addition to Operations.

Free players also get only a heavily limited number of revives in the field (five) and can't equip purple items without purchasing a license. Travel is also more difficult for free players: quick travel has a longer cool-down than for paying players, and free players don't get an emergency fleet pass.

The full list is on the game's official site. No word as of yet on when, specifically, the full free-to-play option will open up, but from the back half of October, we don't have too many weeks of "fall 2012" left.

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Left Handshake

What a Spruce Goose this game was. They poured 300 Million dollars into developing it (!!!), and now they're probably sinking it with their own awful decisions.

What irks me most is that their approach has left the Star Wars license somewhat tarnished. Don't get me wrong, there are myriad other legitimate reasons why the license might be considered tarnished by some, but this sort of thing seriously hurts the chances of there ever being a true KotOR 3. Where did Revan go? What is in the Uncharted Regions of space? Where is the "True" Sith Empire? I really wanted a great followup to the previous 2 games, and I'd heard TOR was supposed to address this, but how the hell could an MMO truly tackle the same calibre of narrative?

What company would possibly invest a good deal of money into a Star Wars CRPG now?