Here's What Bethesda Is Bringing To PAX 09

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Bethesda is gearing up for PAX 09 next week, packing up playable demos of upcoming titles and a healthy dose of Brink for the long cross-country trek to Seattle.


Brink will be a highlight at Bethesda's PAX booth this year, with live demonstrations of Splash Damage's first-person action adventure title being held on an hourly basis all three days of the show. Gamers will also be able to score Brink t-shirts, along with posters of upcoming releases WET and Rogue Warrior. Both of those titles will be playable on the show floor, along with Bethesda's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade offerings, Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade.

Stephen Totilo and I will be making our trek to Seattle in the middle of next week, so if you are attending the show, keep an eye out! I'll be the large sweaty guy, and he'll be Stephen Totilo.


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Why can't PAX be held in a normal city like San Francisco?