Here's What A Destiny 2 Strike Looks Like

After yesterday’s big info blowout on Destiny 2, a video game that’s sort of like Destiny except with a 2, most fans are probably wondering: what does a lengthy gameplay session really look like? This footage of one of the game’s strikes, captured by YouTuber GhostRobo at the Activision event in Los Angeles, will help answer that.

As Kirk pointed out in his hands-on impressions, this could very well be a Destiny 1 strike. There are some mechanical differences—the Cabal have dogs now, and those giant spinning razors probably wouldn’t be possible on last-gen consoles—but it’s all still Destiny. And I will likely spend another 500 hours playing it.

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Destiny 1.5*

It honestly just looks like a large expansion with the same exact framework. The UI is even almost completely unchanged.