Yes, yes. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl writer Stuart Beattie loves Halo — so much so that he wrote a spec script based on Eric Nylund's book, Halo: The Fall of Reach. This isn't connected to the Peter Jackson Halo film project, which has since been killed. Beattie wrote the script between film projects on the hopes that someone somewhere will bring it to the silver screen. So far, it's apparently still only a spec, but Beattie now says he's in talks with Microsoft to get the picture made. As we've mentioned, the spec is based on the book The Fall of Reach, and as we posted before, it's about a boy named "John". After the jump, the scribe lays out the script's plot in his own words:

It sets up a world 500 years in the future and we have colonies, there's the UNSC, there's the secret Spartan training program. And you see this six-year-old kid kidnapped in the middle of the night... The character doesn't start off as Master Chief. He starts off as John, who's the kid that's kidnapped and told he's going to be a soldier. Anyone can connect with a kid kidnapped from his own home. You're along for that journey. The Covenant comes along halfway through that movie. That gives you half the movie to really get to know everyone and care about everyone. And then when the Covenant come along, it's the first time John sees a grunt or a jackal or an elite. The audience is trying to figure out everything at the same time as the characters are. What are these aliens? Why are they killing us? What did we do? And realizing it's all about this Halo ring. And then ending the movie where the first game begins.


Thoughts, opinions on how this would make the transition to the silver screen? Halo Movie Reborn [GameDaily via Shack News] [Pic]


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