The televised aspect of SyFy and Trion World's crossmedia experiment launched last night, giving players of the Defiance MMO a chance to get a little background info without having to rescue any factory workers or deactivate generators. There's nothing quite like classic country and crazy alien contact lenses.

I watched this first episode about a week ago, and it hasn't really left an impression. It's a basic introduction to the show's ensemble cast, getting the conflict and setting establishing out of the way so we can get to more entertaining episodes that offer deeper exploration of the individual characters. At least that's what I am hoping.

Highlights include the aforementioned musical number (weird), the medic (I'm in love), and Dexter's dead wife trying to pull off a the role of the mayor of a future frontier town (she doesn't do authority figure well).

Meanwhile, over in Defiance the game, much more interesting characters do much less interesting things.

I'm sure they'll figure out how to balance the two. Or get cancelled. One of those.