Here's The Beautiful First Trailer To Miyazaki's Next Animated Film

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Kaze Tachinu is the latest film from acclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, his first at the helm since 2008's Ponyo.


Set prior to World War Two (or, at least, the West's involvement in Japan's side of it), it focuses on the man who would go on to design the Zero, one of the best fighters of the war.

It also appears to focus on a lady with all the balance of Lucille Austero.

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Greg the Mad

Wow, I'm surprised how little you see Studio Ghibli movies change. Despite maybe the use of computers for some more accurate effects you probably could see little to no difference between the quality of this and Totoro. I love it. :D

Look at Neon Genesis Evangelion as a example of how animations can change over time (not saying that it's bad, though).