Here's Square Enix Talking About The Next Final Fantasy

Check out these four videos to see Square Enix's design team talking about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, announced tonight both here and Japan for release next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Square Enix promises more details on September 4.

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It's so annoying hearing people go "VII this" "VII that", enough about VII! It was a great game, it got a prequel AND a sequel, and it even got a cgi movie! How much more do people want?! A lot of people are acting like Square Enix owes them something., but they really don't. Every aspect of VII's story has been covered (with Crisis core covering what happened before the events in VII and Dirge of Cerberus/Advent Children covering the after), so a new addition to the series would't work too well. And a remake? Just replay the old game! I for one am glad they are making this game, I personally enjoyed XIII and XIII-2, and I want to see how the story wraps up. I loved seven, but that was 15 years ago people, lets have some new stuff.