Over the years living in Japan, I don't ever recall seeing anything like this at a console launch.

Nope. I've never seen a group of young people in glow-in-the-dark hockey masks, waiting for a console. Not once.

Spotted by Japanese site Inside Games, these are actually pop music singers.


They're members of a new idol group from Alice Project called Game Girls that's filled with idols who are into games.

Each member of the group is into a certain type of games. So, for example, member Yuki Sakura is the "FPS Supervisor," and she's into Call of Duty and Killzone. There are also a "Fighting Game Supervisor," a "RPG Supervisor," an "Action Game Supervisor," and a "Sports Game Supervisor." Member Misa Kubota is the "Other Game Supervisor." Huh.


The group were waiting because they wanted a chance to meet Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Hiroshi Kawano at the PS4 launch event. Hey, who doesn't want that?

すでに長蛇の列 銀座ソニービルにてPlayStation 4先行販売手続き開始 ― 現場にはゲームガールズの姿も [Inside Games]

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