Here's Shovel Knight, A Surprise For Folks Who Miss the SNES

Shovel Knight is one of the many indie games that caught my eye at last weekend's PAX East. It's the only one that had me thinking Zelda II, though the retro-loving developers at Yacht Club Games also cite DuckTales and Mega Man as influences.

Before I could even find Kotaku editor Chris Person, I had to shoot some video of this. I wanted you all to see it. What follows is a video preview, with Yacht Club's Sean Velasco playing and explaining.... sorry for the rough audio.

Haven't heard of Yacht Club? They're a new indie studio that includes former developers from Way Forward. At that studio they worked on games such as A Boy and his Blob, Contra 4, and BloodRayne Betrayal.


Shovel Knight is coming to PC as well as Wii U, and 3DS eShop. Velasco would, of course, love if you helped Kickstart it.

To get you (and me) even more excited, he shared some nice art.

And here's something really cool, a poster by the artist Crowsmack whose lovely Dark Souls posters we featured here on Kotaku, earlier this month:


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