Here's One Japanese Designer Who Doesn't Follow The West

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It's trendy now for Japanese games to try to appease Western tastes. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron does not care about what's in.


"As a Japanese creator, I want to make something that only Japanese people can make. I don't want to follow the European people's way," El Shaddai designer Takeyasu Sawaki tells website Gamasutra.

El Shaddai combines Christian Apocrypha with Sawaki's imagination for a new spin on the Book of Enoch.


Sawaki has worked on titles like Devil May Cry and Okami. Admirable to see a designer stick to his guns — that's probably what is helping El Shaddai stand out from the crowd.

El Shaddai Director 'Doesn't Want To Follow' Western Ways [Gamasutra via Dtoid]

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Barry A. Maslow

Fuck that...Japanese games have ALWAYS been where it's at...for discerning gamers at least.

Can't stand most of the American/English trash that is put out. It's almost always pure garbage with the absolute worst art-direction.