Here's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Running On the PS3

Some older, or smaller, Metal Gear games are being polished up and sent back into battle on the PlayStation 3. We've seen how they look in pictures, now see how one looks in action.


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Still have no idea why this is being bundled in with MGS2 and 3. Why not MGS1? In fact, to me, it would make sense to bundle MS3 and Peace Walker as they are the story of Big Boss (hell, maybe throw in Portable Ops) and then do a second bundle of MGS and MGS2. While 2 takes a departure with having Raiden as the main character, it's still part of Solid Snake's story. It just really doesn't make sense why they would bundle MGS2 and not 1, or do a separate thing.

Has there been any reason stated by Kojima or someone for why they decided this odd combo?