Here's Me Shooting a Bow and Swinging a Sword From Horseback in Skyrim. It's Pretty Sweet.

Bethesda announced today that along with the 1.6 update for Skyrim, players will finally have the ability to use their weapons while on horseback.


I think I speak for all Skyrim diehards when I say: Finally!

I went ahead and opted in for the patch on Steam so that I could try it out, and shot the video above. It's a little rough, but hey—I'm a bit out of Skyrim shape. You have to do so much of the killing for yourself! Lately I've grown used to just clicking on dudes and having my character lay waste to them.

Anyway, as you can see at the start, aiming with bows is a touch wonky—okay, more than a touch, as you can see my third arrow fly away from the guy I was aiming at and kill an entirely other guy. As you can also see from the start, I have a little Theon Greyjoy in me - I'm not very good at reaving. Hey, shut up! It was literally the first time I'd ever performed horseback combat in Skyrim.

Horseback swordplay goes much better, and lets players back up and run down opponents like any good horseback swordsman would. Don't judge me for killing civilians—I swear I'm not normally like this, despite my terrifying Daedric armor. Fortunately for them, I'm not that good at running people down yet (check out the epic whiff at 1:10). I do think that maybe this video qualifies as a massacre video though. I've arrived!

See later, too, how the bow-aiming gets more precise as I decimate some livestock. I think the issue earlier was that I was trying to aim at an angle that my character couldn't turn—it appears that horseback bow-riding can't be done in a 360-degree circle. What is this, the actual world?


Anyway, this is really cool. I will definitely be doing more horseback-combat soon, and hopefully I'll become less rubbish at it. Here's hoping that eventually, we'll be able to shoot bows from the backs of dragons. (I am never satisfied.)

PC players can have all the horseback-combat goodness they want starting today. To get the 1.6 update early, go into Steam's "settings" menu under the "Steam" drop-down menu and change your "beta participation" to opt in to Skyrim's beta updates. If you're playing on a console—so sorry! You'll have to wait for the official update.


Have good horseback-reaving!


Combat still sucks in skyrim though