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Here's How You Can Help Test Out Steam's New Streaming Service

Illustration for article titled Heres How You Can Help Test Out Steams New Streaming Service

Valve is developing a new service that will allow you to stream games between two computers, and any Steam user can sign up to enter the beta right now.


Just head to this Steam group and sign up for a random shot at getting to test out Valve's new program.

What's the point of all this? As Valve explains, if you've got one of their living-room-centric, Linux-based Steam Machines, and you want to use it to play non-Linux games—or more powerful games than it can handle—you need to get them running on another computer.


So your games, running on one computer, would stream over to your Steam Machine, running on your television, and voila: any game in your living room.

Of course, that all sounds nice in theory, but will it work in practice? How big an issue will network latency be? Just how good a network do you need to get games streaming on Valve's service without a hitch? Valve's got a few more details on their website today, but it sounds like this is all very much up in the air for now.

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sooooooooooo... steam machines aren't going to play anything but linux games unless you have another computer to run them for you?
makes sense, since they are linux based, but somehow takes a lot of appeal from the idea of a steam console

also, this is getting messy.