Here's How Bugsnax Plays

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Screenshot: Young Horses

Today’s PlayStation State of Play gave an in-depth look at gameplay for the “body-horror but make it cute” hit of the summer, Bugsnax. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

“Use traps and sauces to capture Bugsnax,” developer Young Horses wrote in a press release. “On top of being tasty, each of the 100 different species of Bugsnax have their own behaviors and patterns. Use that journalistic know-how! Observe and take notes to discover which handy traps, tasty sauces, and witty strategies can get the job done.”


Sounds like players are going to need a lot of pictures. Pictures of Bugsnax. 

Bugsnax is due on PlayStation and the Epic Game Store holiday 2020.


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Am I the only one not getting why this game is such a showcase of the PS5? I have serious PS THREE vibes from this. It does not look good, the environments seem to be as big as what a PS3 can render before being out of memory... I just... don’t get it. Nobody seems to talk about this. The very first seconds of the first trailer we could see a character having a lousy texture for fur and it did not get any better since. It really feels like this is a 2006 game.

The art style is a complete miss for me. Is it supposed to be cute? It feels... bland.