Here's Final Fantasy XV In English For The First Time

With every passing week comes new assurances that Final Fantasy XV is actually a video game that will be released at some point in the future. Today's assurance: English voices!


Above, via Square's Facebook page: a localized version of the FFXV trailer from TGS a few months ago, demonstrating the highly-anticipated RPG in English for the first time ever.

It sounds... well, it sounds like a standard set of anime voices. But Final Fantasy XV in English! It's actually happening.

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One of these days, I'd like Squeenix to make it standard to release any FF in the U.S with the option to select from either the Japanese voices (with English subtitles) or English voices. You'd think with the space that Blu-ray affords you that they'd have done this already, but nope. It would be nice, though.