Here's Dan's Legendary Taunt In Street Fighter V

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Screenshot: Capcom

Dan Hibiki is back in Street Fighter V, which means we now have a new incarnation of his legendary taunt to appreciate. Let’s take a look.

And for comparison, here’s how Dan’s legendary taunt has evolved from game to game.

Capcom / SNK / PLAYDAGAME (YouTube)

Dan has been Street Fighter’s go-to joke character since his debut in 1995's Street Fighter Alpha. His legendary taunt is technically a super, but rarely proves useful as an offensive maneuver.


Never change, Dan.


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One of the most disrespectful wins I’ve seen a Dan player do is

Gadoken —> FADC —> Super Taunt

Dude was still rolling around while the other guy was lying on the ground. Unfortunately I can’t find the clip (it was on PeacefulJay’s Colosseum when the site was still called