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Here's Anita Sarkeesian's First 'Tropes vs. Women In Games' Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's been a long road for feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian. Last summer, she ran a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new video series examining sexist tropes in video games—her goal was $6,000 and she raised nearly $160,000. In the midst of the Kickstarter drive, Sarkeesian was subjected to a brutal, organized harassment campaign (someone even made an online game that simulated punching her in the face), all of which drew even more attention to her project.

As Sarkeesian explained to Kotaku, the extra funding gave her the opportunity to increase the scope and scale of the project, but it's also meant a lot more work, and some delays. She's now released the first episode in the series, which takes a look at the "Damsel in Distress" trope. Certainly a prevalent trope, that one.


Sarkeesian has already launched a tumblr to highlight many examples of this particular trope, and this video will take a deeper look. Give it a watch.